Jean Jacques Warmerdam

I'm an all-round artist and creative technologist. I craft installations, software, tools, and websites. In the last 15 years, I have collaborated with artists, media companies, and branding agencies to realize our collective visions.

Currently bringing more creative expression to the music industry with Make Waves


Visually enhanced listening experience with kopfkino

Bringing the joy of play to an online film festival with Cinekid Play

Audience driven surveillance machine

Capturing diversity with the Multi-Local: Totem of Life

Continued getting your privacy right with My Data Done Right


Tickling a Furby to request songs from your favorite DJ's

Kept the Coffee Company online

Created a 00's VJ computing system with ZeroThree

Gave birth to the new website of Life's a Beach, a dutch indie label

Enhancing your human-to-machine synchrony with Harmonic Dissonance

Continued working on musically interactive LED instruments with OIJ and Crouwel


Turning offline soccer into an online game to get kids to be more active with Kluppie

Playful chroma-key compositions with #SCREENSHOP

Teaching students how to handle money with YoungWorks and Next Empire

Calculating your replaceability with YOU&Ai

Flooding Twitter with computer-generated poetry with Selby

Making sure banking stays humane with Investing for People


Helped Artis make augmented audio thrillers

Finding a new way to play soccer without the commitment at the KNVB

Continued work for Opera Forward Festival by the Dutch Opera & Ballet

Built an interactive VR opera Morton F. for Holland Festival

Created the website for Aus Licht a unique opera by the Dutch Opera & Ballet

NPO Verkiezingen subsite for political content during elections

Helped Best Kept Secret with spilled beers


Helped getting DEPOT Utrecht off the ground

Created a royalty processing system in use by a large portion of the music industry for FUGA

Custom LED lighting as an instrument to enhance the experience of solo artists with OIJ/Crouwel

Got an audience from their seat to play a game in a cinema with Hivemind at IDFA

Custom-built talking website for Styrofoam People by LeLe

Launched online magazines Kunst op Mars and SSBA Salon

Created royalty software for the digital age of music for Fuga

Helped Grandmono manage Caro Emerald's catalog across borders

Platform for NPO 3FM's Festival Dagboek

Created the website for Insert User, a podcast about privacy

Ensured the website for the leading political party was performant during elections

And more...